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Alice's Song
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© Brian Willoughby & Cathryn Craig

If I could live in Alice’s world
I wonder if I’d learn
What makes her strong what makes her safe
What makes her suddenly afraid
I’d understand this little girl
But I’ll never live in Alice’s world

If I could see through Alice’s eyes
I wonder what I’d see
Is her sky blue? Is her grass green?
Does she see things I’ve never seen?
What’s in her mind she keeps inside
And I’ll never see through Alice’s eyes

If I could love through Alice’s heart
I wonder who I’d trust
Silently she smiles at me
But answers she will not reveal
She never tells why it’s so hard
To win a place in Alice’s heart

Song Info
Written about Brian's niece who has Asperger's Syndrome this beautiful song takes a look at the world of Alice. The simplicity of the song reinforces the childlike innocence and the obvious depth of feeling.

'If I could see
through Alice's eyes...'
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