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Back Again
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© Allan Taylor

I spent hours on the telephone tryin' to get a line
When I finally got through to you, you said you were just fine
We joked about the weather, you said it always seemed to rain
I don't care about the weather 'cos I want you back again
Yes I want you back again

I couldn't think of what to say, I wished I'd planned ahead
For all the things that burned inside would have to go unsaid
You asked if I'd been travellin' and lately where I'd been
Lately I've been nowhere 'cos I want you back again
Yes I want you back again

We ran out of conversation, you made an excuse to go
You were going away for the weekend and you'd call me in a week or so
I put down the receiver and I started to write a song
The words came out so easy 'cos I want you back again
Yes I want you back again

Now we sing together, one more song to sing
Got a peaceful easy feeling, freedom knows our name
To be apart again is the last thing on my mind
And your eyes tell me why now I've got you back again
Yes I've got you back again
You know I've got you back again
Oh I've got you back again
Got you back again

Song Info
We first heard this in August 2002 when Allan was performing at the Davy Lamp folk club in Washington, Tyne & Wear. It struck home immediately - 'He could be singing about us' - and listening to the album while driving home we decided that we just had to learn the song.

The final verse is our own addition - the lyric contains the titles of some of the songs we perform. We asked Allan about it, and he's OK. Thanks, Allan - another brilliant song from a wonderful writer and performer.

'Now we sing together,
One More Song to sing...'
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