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Ballerina Music Box
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Tommy bought a music box before he went to war
Told her 'Look inside the box while I'm on foreign shores
Wind her up and watch her dancing, twirling round the floor'
Told her look inside the box...'

She never looked inside the box to see what might be found
Ballerina music box never made a sound
She never wound her up to watch her dancing, twirling round and round
Never looked inside the box...

Jenny used to dance at night, dance beneath the moon
Only dancing in her mind, lonely in her room
She was dancing, dancing, dancing though there was no tune
Only dancing in her mind...

Jenny passed away last year, sometime in the Spring
Gave me her old music box, left it in her will
When I wound her up to watch her dancing such a lovely thing...

There inside the music box
Was an unworn wedding ring

Song Info
Most of us have probably seen at least one of these trinket boxes - wind it up, open the lid and listen to the tinkling sound as the little ballerina slowly turns and twirls.

This is the story of one such musical box and its place in the lives of a few people.

'Wind her up
and watch her dancing...'
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