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Bishop FM Radio with Terry Ferdinand
Monday evening folk music show, it's the best show in the land
CDs and studio guests, mp3s and phone requests
Facebook friends and all that's best
That's Terry Ferdinand

Bishop FM Radio with Terry Ferdinand
You can email your request directly to the man
Send your mail to 'studio', he'll play the song right there on his show
Bishop FM Radio
With Terry Ferdinand

Bishop FM Radio with Terry Ferdinand
Listen in on Monday nights and you will understand
Why Terry's show it is the best
Just tune in and forget the rest
Especially with jiva as the studio guest
Of Terry Ferdinand (we're not joking)
Terry Ferdinand (just keep folking)
Terry Ferdinand

Song Info
This started as a jingle for Terry's Folk Show on Bishop FM Radio, but we couldn't resist turning into a full song... we surprised him in the studio during one of our guest spots when we played it live on his show and presented him with a commemorative CD of the song! Keep up the good work, Terry - you're doing a great job of promoting musical talent across the globe.

'.. Bishop FM Radio
with Terry Ferdinand'
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