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© Allan Taylor

Jimmy sleeps in the bathroom, he loves the colour white
He’ll stay in there for hours, sometimes through the night
Mom and Dad wait in the kitchen, drinking coffee and holding hands
They talk around in circles ‘cause they don’t understand

Sometimes he looks through you as if you were not there
He doesn’t know it hurts you, he’s gone too far to care
Then he'll steal your money, steal your love and bleed you dry
Give it all to the candy man who taught him how to fly

Lately he’s been clever, he shoots up between his toes
That way he hides the track marks and he thinks that no-one knows
It makes you want to hold him and help him through the night
Put your arms around him and tell him it’s alright

He’s there in every city, he’s there in every town
Hanging in ‘til the next day, another deal going down
But he won’t let you hold him or help him through the night
Jimmy sleeps in the bathroom ‘cause he loves the colour white

Jimmy sleeps in the bathroom 'cause he loves the colour white

Song Info
In his songbook 'We Must Journey On - Songs Of Allan Taylor Vol.1' Allan Taylor says "I wrote this song in 1986 when my brother-in-law, Jimmy, finally admitted to the family that he was hooked on drugs and his life was in a desperate state. This coincided with a project I had been asked to be involved in which was to raise money for a drug rehabilitation centre called Broadreach House".

Jimmy has come through this and is now 'clean' - the song serves as a poignant reminder of the pain and the tell-tale signs so often missed by friends, family and loved ones.

'...another deal
going down...'
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