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Maginot Waltz
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© Ralph McTell

All off to Brighton in a charabanc
Albert played the banjo and how we sang
The beer was expensive but the laughter was free
Oh how we do love to all be beside the sea

Albert had a cousin name of Marjorie
And I'd begun to notice she'd begun to notice me
I quickly decided if she didn't mind
I would spend the day in her gay company

We shared a plate of whelks, strolling side by side
I said she weren't too old to take a donkey ride
And I didn't mind when she laughed and said 'No'
So we stopped for a while and listened to the minstrel show

There was a notice at the Palace Pier
It said there was to be a dance that night an' it wasn't dear
I explained of course that I could only waltz
So we waltzed to every tune and air

Nine o'clock came round we had to take the charabanc
Albert was too drunk to play (the banjo) but still we sang
All except Marjorie, I could tell at a glance
Because me and Albert was leaving for France

I told her that we'd be home again in a week or two
Me an' Albert and Lord Kitchener we'd teach the Hun a thing or two
I'm sure to return, after me do not yearn
And we will waltz together all our lives through

Song Info
A classic McTell song, capturing the olde worlde beachfront pier entertainment sound and the naiveté regarding war.

'I'm sure to return,
After me do not yearn...'
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