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The Girl From Tornado Country
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© Tom Pacheco

He showed up at her door one day
With a smile and a stolen car
It'd been six years since they divorced
He disappeared like a sad shooting star
And though she thought she'd meet someone
To share a loving home
The girl from tornado country
Was lonely and still alone

She looked at him, his clothes were torn
His eyes had faced many storms
Someone had seen him by a fire
Where the homeless stood to stay warm.
He sent a letter long ago
From a prison on the coast
The girl from tornado country
Was staring straight at a ghost

She wondered why he'd come back home
His hat was in his hand
The girl from tornado country
Still kept her old wedding band

She asked him in, they talked and talked
She brought him coffee and pie
He picked her cat up on his lap
A shimmer of shame in his eyes.
He stayed the night, she packed her things
No logic in her heart
The girl from tornado country
Left with him in his stolen car...

And the next day a tornado came
And tore that old house apart

Song Info
A gentle song of love lost, and returned... with a heart-wrenching twist at the end.

'next day a tornado came
tore that old house apart'
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